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HandyChord is for learning guitar chords.

If you're a beginner, or a life-long player, this website is for you. HandyChord allows guitarists to quickly and easily find and learn chords by delivering them in high definition video. By watching a hand play the chord, you not only see the correct fingerings, but the proper technique. You can also view the chord as a simple diagram, or a hybrid of the video and diagram to make things more clear. If you're a lefty, you can flip the chord. If you need a close-up, you can zoom. If you need to see the chord from a first person perspective, you can even flip the video around so that the guitar neck appears as it would if you were holding it.

Users can also chat in the forums, look for help in the help area, or learn more from the free lessons as they become available. This is a great place to be if you want to improve your guitar playing skills.

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HandyChord is officially online as of Saturday, June 18th 2011! Please enjoy this brand spankin new website, and report any bugs you run accross via the contact page. Have fun, and learn a lot!

583 10,000

Hooray! 583 chords out of an approximate 10,000 have been added to HandyChord!

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The HandyChord forums are for communicating with other guitarists. If you've got a question, or a fun topic to discuss, we would love for you to create an account and start a topic.

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HandyChord is a place for learning guitarists to increase their chord knowledge. Musicians who are educating themselves in music theory or chord theory can use the chords on this site as a reference, or a place to start learning. The lessons here contain information about proper technique, chord structures, and playing guitar in general. The chords and lessons on this site relate to all styles of music: rock, pop, classical, folk, jazz, fusion, heavy metal, funk, etc. The forums allow musicians and music lovers to communicate and help each other with musical questions. Related topics include: guitar tab, guitar lessons, online music lessons, beginning guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar sales, music performance, musicians, bands, arists, live music, concerts, education, practice, technique.