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About HandyChord

You might be thinking, "Hmm... iPhone? Thats right, all the chords on HandyChord were recorded on my iPhone 4. I was sitting one day thinking, "Sheesh the video on this phone is pretty awesome. I wonder if there's a good way to put it to use. What can I make a lot of videos of to share with other people?" Being a guitarist and a budding web developer, the concept of HandyChord came to me quickly. Then I built it, and put it on the interweb. Hope you enjoy!

Cutting Edge

HandyChord wouldn't be possible without the newest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. HandyChord uses the new <video> tag and CSS3 transforms to provide a completely independant high-def chord learning experience. This means that if you aren't using the most up to date web browser, some parts (the best parts) of HandyChord won't work for you. So make sure you have the latest edition of whatever web browser you use!

A Work in Progress

There are quite possibly hundreds of thousands of possible chord voicings for the guitar. HandyChord is an attempt to record and document all practical and usable chords for the guitar. That means that it's going to take a long time to get all of them recorded. Please be patient as the database fleshes out, and if you know of a common voicing that isn't on here, please feel free to suggest it. :)


HandyChord is completely free to use. You'll notice there are some advertisements throughout the site. Sponsors pay to keep this site alive when you click on their ads, so if you see something you like, please check it out!

HandyChord is a place for learning guitarists to increase their chord knowledge. Musicians who are educating themselves in music theory or chord theory can use the chords on this site as a reference, or a place to start learning. The lessons here contain information about proper technique, chord structures, and playing guitar in general. The chords and lessons on this site relate to all styles of music: rock, pop, classical, folk, jazz, fusion, heavy metal, funk, etc. The forums allow musicians and music lovers to communicate and help each other with musical questions. Related topics include: guitar tab, guitar lessons, online music lessons, beginning guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, guitar sales, music performance, musicians, bands, arists, live music, concerts, education, practice, technique.