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Wow, no one?
Dude, I'm pretty sure I have one for you. It's a 12" speaker Hartke, like 50 watts I think? I've been borrowing it for about 7 years now, so I think the guy wouldn't mind selling it and getting $50 or something.
We just played that at church! And it the key of D. Here are the chords: Intro: Bmin - D - Emin7 - F#min http://www.handychord.com/chords/view/9 http://www.handychord.com/chords/view/225 http://www.handychord.com/chords/view/290 http://www.handychord.com/chords/view/388 Verse: D - Bmin - Emin7 - Asus http://www.handychord.com/chords/view/225 http://www.handychord.com/chords/view/9 http://www.handychord.com/chords/view/290 http://www.handychord.com/chords/view/445
Here I am to Worship is good. Also, Hosanna by Hillsong in the key of D isn't too bad.
the L/R/ button loves you too
Well you should go request the chords for a song in the "learn songs" forum and then maybe someone(I) will post the chords for you.
You're a lefty?! That's cool. You can use the L/R button on here to see the chords as a southpaw!
Whats the hardest chord you know?

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There sure hasn't been anyone on HandyChord in a long time. Too bad.... There are a lot of neat chords to learn on here...
Does anyone know, and want to post the chords for Stone Temple Pilots' Plush? I know it's somewhat complex.
Hey man, so what level are you at Guitar? Like, what kind of stuff can you play?
This is the first topic in the Chord Chat forum. Anyone have anything interesting to talk about?

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Min7b5 is also known as half diminished.

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